I chose to shoot in the theme of makeup. I chose complimentary, analogous and triadic colors. I feel like determining the colors was easy the hard part was finding things with these colors. This was pretty fun to shoot considered how limited I was.


These images were inspired by the entry about selling your art and not feeling guilty. I immediately thought of the banana duct taped to the wall at Art Basel. I thought let me recreate an image of something just as basic. A cup, simple but shows promise.

Trick Shots

I chose do some trick shots with my reversible plushie, Oswald. His ombré blue inspired me to simulate some blue neon. For these shots, I had to wait until night time and lowered my shutter speed enough to where the light trails would register fluidly and not choppy connect-the-dots like. It took me a whileContinue reading “Trick Shots”

Photo Story

I chose to do a photo story on something that happens often. I get really bored (even if i have a long list of things to do) and there is a sudden burst of creative energy that I get and I end up having to use it up somehow; 9/10 times I end up doingContinue reading “Photo Story”

Natural Lighting

Here are my Natural Lighting photos. I played around with some composition; specifically aerial view, worms eye, rule of thirds and even had some fun condensing an image by cropping it. I chose the subject to be white flowers because I felt like it was going to be a challenge photographing something white and maintainingContinue reading “Natural Lighting”

Triptych & Diptychs

This lesson was pretty fun to shoot. Looking at some of the examples definitely helped. I am pretty happy with the way these came out!

About Me:

My name is Paola Nieto. I am a third year student at California State University San Marcos. I am pursuing a degree in digital and media arts. I am going to be posting my photographs here. Feel free when to check them out!

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